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Other 2020 Messages

You can watch other messages from 2020 that are non-series or from guest speakers throughout the year.

4/12/20 - What We gain From Jesus' Resurrection

Aaron Levering
Last week we looked at what we gain from Jesus' death. This week we focus on the resurrection as we celebrate Easter Sunday in a much different way than we probably expected.

5/24/20 - Heroes

Aaron Levering
On Memorial Day, we look at war heroes, Bible heroes and personal heroes.

6/21/20 - Abraham's Example

Aaron Levering
3 qualities of Abraham as a father that everyone should emulate.

10/18/20 - Guest Speaker - John Mitchell, The Christian Restoration Association

John Mitchell
Guest speaker John Mitchell from The Christian Restoration Association (CRA).

11/22/20 - Paul on Thanksgiving

Aaron Levering
Thanksgiving from Paul's perspective.

12/6/20 - God Had A Reason

Duane Mecklem
Taking a look at the reason God brought Jesus to earth.

12/20/20 - Unexpected Visits

Aaron Levering
We look at 4 unexpected visits that happened in the Christmas story.